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The RHRK account

The RHRK account gives you access to a variety of services at TU Kaiserslautern. Every employee and every student has their own account.


!Important in a nutshell!

With every RHRK account comes an email inbox! Read the emails sent to your RHRK account or forward them to yourself. You will only receive important information about your account or services you use with it there.

Read email now


  •  Please note our password policy
  •  Note for students: In the "RHRK Username" field, enter your account name, not your matriculation number.
  •  It may take 10 or more seconds to successfully change your password. Please wait until you see a final confirmation message.
  •  Change your password in all applications where you have saved it, e.g. email, wifi, etc.

Change your password here

You can have your RHRK password reset at the Service Point (Building 34/Room 250). For this purpose, you will need an official photo ID (as a student, you will also need your student ID).

!! Attention, due to the current situation (2020/21) the Service Point is closed depending on the situation. ! Please inform yourself if and when the Service Point is open for you.

If the Service Point is closed we offer the following way to reset your password:

  • Distance learners: Please contact your responsible supervisor at DISC directly.
  • Students, employees and all other user groups:
    • Send an email requesting a password reset to
    • An RHRK staff member will contact you to establish your identity via video conference.
    • You will need a device with a camera and microphone (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) to participate in the video conference.
    • You will need a valid government-issued photo ID.

FAQ for the RHRK account

All open questions about the RHRK account are answered in our FAQ.

How do I get an RHRK account?

Employees of the Landau Campus (until January 2023)

All employees of the future RPTU in Landau will receive a new user ID in August of this year with the so-called "RHRK account" in order to be able to call up information on administrative processes or use IT services from January 1, 2023.

The URZ IT services you have used up to now will continue to operate, and your URZ account will remain valid.

In the coming years, many services of the URZ and the RHRK will be merged; information on this will be provided separately in each case.

Important: Schedule for the allocation of accounts

  • Employees of the administration, the units and the staff units have already received their identifier.
  • as of now: management of institutes, work areas, work units, (central) facilities and operating units, and management boards
  • as of 1.8.2022: members of the (central) facilities and operating units
  • from 3.8.2022: employees of department 5
  • from 8.8.2022: employees of department 6
  • from 15.8.2022: employees of department 7
  • from 18.8.2022: employees of department 8
  • from Nov./Dec.2022: students of the RPTU in Landau
  • from Jan. 2023: Individuals who are neither employed nor enrolled, as well as functional accounts, may apply beginning Jan. 2, 2023.

Support of the RHRK in Kaiserslautern:

(In case of problems with retrieving the new account.)

Email hotline(at)
Hotline 0631 205-3170

Support of the URZ in Landau

(For questions regarding the Landau account and the integration of the RHRK account)

E-Mail support(at)
Hotline 06341 280-31184**

Thank you for your cooperation!

Retrieve your RHRK account here

Important: Follow our schedule and remember your RHRK account name.


Instructions for retrieving your RHRK account (495 KB)

These instructions show how to use your Landau account to access your new RHRK account. Download

FAQ for RHRK Account

All open questions about the RHRK account are answered in our FAQ.


FAQ for initial Retrieval

Your questions specifically about retrieving your new RHRK account with the Landau URZ account will be answered here.



Activate account for students

We have already prepared everything for you. You just need to activate your RHRK account.



If you have not yet been sent an initial password, please contact the supervisor of your distance learning program.

Continue to account activation

No RHRK Account yet? Pick up a temporary one at the RHRK Service Point

Located:                 Building 34, Room 250

Telephone:             0631/205-3812

Opening hours:      Monday to Friday 09:30 - 10:30
                               Monday to Thursday 13:00 - 15:00

E-Mail:                   servicepoint(at)

You can apply for your own account as an official representative for your university group.

Come in person to one of the contacts below and bring with you the letter from the university administration identifying the group as an official university group of TU Kaiserslautern and a photo ID

You will receive your account directly.

Florian Höpel
room 34/218.1
phone: 0631/205 5437

Thorsten Michels
room 34/214
phone: 0631/205 2443



This way you can easily create a new account, e.g. for new employees, on the account management website:


  1.  A person from an institution applies for the account in the first step.
  2.  A person from the institution with the appropriate rights approves the account.
  3.  The person for whom the account was created activates the account with a TAN.

More details can be found in the step-by-step instructions.

Account management for employees

Fully online accounts

  •     apply,
  •     approve,
  •     activate and
  •     confirm annually

Annual account feedback campaign

The RHRK conducts an annual check of all RHRK accounts to ensure the correctness of all available data and to extend expiring accounts if necessary.

The campaign is aimed at professors, managing directors, department heads and persons with a power of attorney to approve accounts.

The instructions as well as the account administration is only available in German.

First Level Support

Service Point Address

Building 34, Room 250, Ground Floor
67663 Kaiserslautern

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday13:00 -15:00
Friday09:30 - 10:30


For students and employees

Phone: +49 631 205-3170 (Hotline)
E-Mail: hotline(at)

For central administration

Phone: +49 631 205-5900
E-Mail: support(at)

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