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Contact tracking for tutors and organizers

with the web app Intake

How does the contact registration during events at the TUK work?

Please inform yourself about the procedure of contact registration at the TUK and the general functionality of the web app on the page Contact Tracking at the TUK general for participants.


Tasks for tutors and organizers

It will be your task to

  • prepare the contact tracking in the web app Intake
  • prepare the recording of the QR codes, if necessary with a poster for the room
  • to record the QR codes of the participants at the beginning of the event
  • possibly record the QR codes of departing participants
  • complete the contact tracking at the end of the event


To contact tracking web app

Detailed demonstration of the use of the web app Intake for contact tracking (German only)

Video tutorials for tutors and organizers

(Registration via Shibboleth necessary.)

Tel.: +49 631 205-4300 (Hotline)
E-Mail: intake-support(at)


Explanation of terms used


: Name of the software on which the web app is based. More about this in the FAQs.

Session: The process of creating contacts for an event. The session is created by the session leader in Intake. Afterwards, contacts can be entered. At the end of the session the collected data is sent to the server.
Session host/session leader: Person who has the rights to start a session in the web app. This can, but does not have to be the instructor personally.
QR code: A QR code is a graphic that contains encrypted information and can be read by a reader. Intake's QR Codes can only be evaluated by the web app Intake itself.
Session host mode: In session host mode the session is started on the session host's device. Like a participant, the session host has already created and stored a QR code.
Station mode: In this case, the session is not created on the session host's device, but possibly on a stationary device belonging to the room.
Productive instance: Under this URL collected data is actually stored and is available for transfer to the public health department in an emergency.
Demo instance: This instance of the web app is available for testing. No data is permanently stored here and will be passed on in case of an emergency.

Differentiation between productive and demo instances

To allow session leaders to try out the functionality of Intake at their leisure, a demo instance is available. You can distinguish between both instances by the logo. In the productive instance you see the TUK logo and in the demo instance the logo of Intake.

Please send an email to hotline(at)  to get the password for the demo instance.

Do not confuse

Please do not confuse the productive and demo instances. Only data from the productive instance will be transferred to the public health department in an emergency.

Demonstration instance

Step-by-step instructions for preparing the web app and entering contact data

Create session for contact tracking on your own mobile device

(session host mode)
Description of the simplest possible procedure. Alternative procedure in further instructions. Click on the images to enlarge the view.

  1. Open the web app and generate your QR code for yourself.
  2. Click on "Log in as session host" at the very bottom of the page.
  3. Enter the password for session host.
  4. Click on log in. Attention: An Internet connection must be available at this time.
  5. Click on "Start session".
  6. Fill in the room number.
  7. Optionally fill in the maximum number of participants. Attention: You are counting as the session host.
  8. Start the session with one click
  9. Click on "Read Visitor QR Code" and you may have to select which camera of your mobile device is to be used for reading.
  10. Use the camera to capture the visitor's QR code. Your mobile device will beep and return to the session overview automatically. If you select "Continuous readout" here, you can read out many QR Codes one after the other without further interaction.
  11. You will only see the first names of the visitors in the overview. With the button behind it you can manually remove a visitor from the session.
  12. Close the session by clicking on the red button.
  13. Confirm the closing of the session. Now the data is transferred to the server and cannot be changed afterwards. Attention: At this time an internet connection is mandatory.

Session for contact tracking in stationary mode

Station Mode

  1. Start the web app with a browser or from the home screen as app "Intake".
  2. Scroll down to the toolbar and press the button "Station Mode".
  3. Enter the session host password and confirm with "Login".
  4. Press the button "Start Session
  5. Check the room QR code. The room name and the capacity of the participants should already be entered. If the room QR Code is not correct, please press the button "Read room QR Code". The room QR Code will be displayed and contains data about the room name and the capacity. As soon as the room QR Code is read, it will be displayed with the room name and the capacity. You will also get a message "Session started".
  6. Check in visitors by pressing the button "Read visitor QR code". Now your camera should read the QR Codes. Since you are in "station mode", you as the organizer have to check in your QR code yourself. At each check-in or check-out, you should hear a warning tone (except Safari Browser). Since you are in "Station Mode", the camera remains activated after a participant has been scanned in. As soon as you are finished scanning the participants, press the "Back" button. For security reasons you will have to enter the organizer password again
  7. Conduct your event. If a visitor should leave the room during the event, he/she must check out by QR Code
  8. After the event is over, please press the button "Close session". For security reasons you will be asked again whether you really close the session or close and log out. Stay logged in if you want to watch another event afterwards.
  9. Finally, log out of the Intake Software. Press the X in the circle symbol

Downloads and video tutorials


About Intake (2 MB)

Idea behind the contact tracking software Intake, its main features and an illustrated demo Download

Poster contact registration TUK (PDF) (187 KB)

Poster for printing and posting for events at the TUK with contact tracing and a short instruction (German and English) Download

Poster contact registration TUK (Powerpoint presentation) (301 KB)

Poster for printing and posting for events at the TUK with contact tracing and a short instruction (German and English) Download

Extensive explanation of the use of the web app intake. German only.

Videotutorials for tutors and organizers

(Login via Shibboleth necessary.)


To do this, create an Excel file with the columns Name, Address and Phone Number, Room Name and Capacity. Fill this table with content and upload it.

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