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Handling pages

Here you can see how to create, activate/deactivate, move and delete new pages in the page tree.


Create page

Create a page:

  • In the module bar (left) click on Page.
  • At the top left of the page tree bar there are various icons. Depending on your needs, you can select a standard page, a folder, etc.
  • Select the desired icon by clicking on it, hold down the button and drag it to the desired location in the page tree.
  • The input of a name is requested, here test page.
  • Double-click on the page name to rename it.

Note: Initially, newly created pages are always deactivated (red icon), i.e. not visible in the frontend. So it makes sense to leave the page deactivated while working on it.

Delete page

  • Click on Page in the module bar (left).
  • Click on the page icon or left-click on the page name.
  • Select Delete from the menu and confirm the confirmation prompt.

Move page

  • Click on Page in the module bar (left).
  • Click on the page you want to move and hold down the button to move it to the desired position.

Copy page

There are 2 options to copy a page:

  • Click on Page in the module bar (left).
    • An existing page can simply be moved to the desired location and "copy" selected in the confirmation prompt.
    • You can also open the menu by left-clicking on the page name and selecting "copy". At the desired insertion point, the menu can then be opened again and either "paste to" or "paste in" can be selected.

Activate/deactivate page

If a new page is created, it is automatically available in deactivated form, i.e. hidden for the frontend user. (Text sheet with red prohibition sign).

To activate a page

  • the Page module must be called
  • open the menu of the corresponding page by left-clicking on the page name
  • and click Activate (or Deactivate).

Filter function

In order to find the desired page more quickly in a complex page tree, the button with the filter symbol can be used in the bar above the page tree. By entering the page name or the page ID, the searched page can be found.


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