Regional University Computing Center

Changes to Microsoft Key Management Services (KMS) as of Dec. 15

On 15.12.2021 the KMS servers of the RHRK will be updated. The update will also change the range of Microsoft software that can be activated with the KMS servers.

In the future, the following Microsoft products can be activated with RHRK's KMS infrastructure:

  •     Windows Server 2012 - Windows Server 2022
  •     Windows 8 - Windows 11
  •     Office 2013 - Office 2021

The following Microsoft products can no longer be activated with RHRK's new KMS infrastructure:

  •     Office 2010

All products already activated on the existing KMS infrastructure, with the exception of Office 2010, will continue to be activated by the KMS infrastructure in the future.

You only need to take action if you are still running Office 2010 installations.

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