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The Druckausgabe printing service ceases to print on overhead projector (OHP) transparencies

In recent years, the use of the printer for OHP transparencies has been steadily decreasing at the RHRK Druckausgabe printing service. Therefore, we have now decided to stop providing the printer queue "Folie_A4".

If you need printed OHP transparencies in the future, you can load laser printer-suitable transparencies on the multifunction devices in the Follow-me system via the single sheet feed/bypass and have them printed.

Only use transparencies suitable for laser printers on the multifunction devices! Products for inkjet printers can melt in the device and severely damage it.  When submitting your print job, select "Bypass" as the feed tray (Einzugsmagazin) and "Transparancy" ("Folie") as the paper type (Papiertyp) in the General (Allgemein) tab of the print dialog.

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