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Copy, Print and Scan Services

General Information / FAQ

You get general information as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Copy Services

This page offers information about copy services on campus.  Local staff use their employe ID and Students the student ID for Copy Services on monochrom and colour multifunctional units. You can find a List of all units on campus in the Download section.

Printing Services

University offers a central printing service in the RHRK as well as a decentralized printing service using all multifunctional units on campus. You can make use of your own computers and the  workstations in the RHRK Terminal Pools to send you print jobs. 

Scan Services 

The RHRK Service Point provides different scanners for general use. The range is from DIN-A4 and DIN-A3 colour scanner with transparency unit to a DIN-A0 scanner.

Download section

The Download section offers forms, utilization and installation guides for various topics.