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Minimum operation in the RHRK-Druckausgabe

Please continue to prefer other options for printing your documents. In particular, we recommend that TUK employees use the multifunctional devices in the Follow-me system, as the RHRK Druckausgabe printing service can only process a very limited number of printed pages in minimum operation.
We have extended the opening hours of the pick-up window for the start of the courses in presence.

Printing at the RHRK

The RHRK-Druckausgabe is the central printing services division at the RHRK. The printing service is staffed with a wide variaty of different printers ranging from DIN A4 up to DIN A0. The service is available for both staff and students.

Grid element quota


All members of the TUK, students and staff  will receive credit points to be used for printing services. The credit points or quotas will be awarded at the beginning of each month and can be accumulated throughout the semester.

Once a semester, on the 1. of March and the 1. of September all the accumulated credit points or quotas will be reset for student accounts and course accounts.

The special quotas for student organisations and the staff of the TUK will not be reset but can reach a maximum of 6 monthly quotas. In this way the various print volumes can be balanced in a more efficient way.

Monthly quota 


User group




Students GF*




Special courses


Student and special interest organizations



Depending on the print job (size, color or black and white), a certain number of points per printed page will be deducted from the print credit after the print job is completed, 1 point for an A4 page in black and white, and correspondingly more for color or larger printouts.

Current pricing information and information pertaining your quota, your print jobs and the credit-points-chart will be found at the web portal at
Please note, that the web portal is a local area network site, that can be reached within the university network or by using a VPN connection when outside the university network.

The expenses caused by the printing services will monitored continuously. Based on this monitoring process and the resulting expenses, the monthly quotas can be readjusted. A conversion of credit points to a monetary value is not possible.

Printer of the RHRK-Druckausgabe

The DIN A4 and DIN A3 devices of the Druckausgabe are accessed via queues that are assigned to specific device types.

All available printers are already installed on the computers in the two terminal pools of RHRK.
Instructions on how to install the printers on different operating systems on your own computer at home or at the TUK can be found in the download area.

Large-format posters can be ordered via the web portal at


Format (Medium) colour mode

Printer model

Printer queue:




DIN A4 (80g recycling paper) b&w

Ricoh MP 6503SP
(with Finisher SR4120 – without punch unit)


DIN A4 (80g recycling paper) coloured

Ricoh MP C4504SP


DIN A3 (80g recycling paper) b&w

Ricoh MP C4504SP


DIN A3 (80g recycling paper) coloured

Ricoh MP C4504SP

Via web portal:




till DIN A1 (140g paper, 36-inch-roll) coloured

Ricoh MP CW2201SP


bis DIN A0 (140g paper 36-inch-roll) coloured

Ricoh MP CW2201SP

Operating and Opening Hours of the RHRK-Druckausgabe

You can place your print orders 24/7. Your orders will be placed in a queue that will be processed during the operating hours of the RHRK-Druckausgabe.

Minimum operation due to Corona

Due to the pandemic the RHRK Druckausgabe is in minimum operation for urgently needed print jobs.

Compared to regular operation, the operating time is strongly limited.
(Monday to Friday until maximum 3 pm, Fridays until 12 pm)

The regular pick-up room (34/256) will remain closed.

Printouts will only be handed out at the following times:

Monday to Thursday:
8:30 am to 9:30 am & 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
8:30 am to 12:00 noon

Please pick up your printouts the next day at the latest, as there is only limited space available for storing printouts that have not been picked up.

Where and how do you get your finished print jobs?

During minimum operation, the room (34/217) becomes a temporary pick-up room.
From Paul-Ehrlich-Straße you can reach a window of this room via the delivery access of the RHRK (between building 34 and 36) and a small footpath.

Employees of the printing department will hand out your completed printouts through the window after you have given them your account name.
It is best to write down the account name on a piece of paper (at least DIN A6) and show it in the window to avoid problems of comprehension.

Please also pay attention to the currently valid distance rules in our minimum operation. Please approach the window one at a time.

Short-term adjustments of the described procedure are possible.

Signs for RHRK delivery at Paul-Ehrlich-Straße
Signs for RHRK delivery at Paul-Ehrlich-Straße
Delivery access of the RHRK between building 34 and 36
Delivery access of the RHRK between building 34 and 36
Pick-up window of room 217, building 34
View from outside to the pick-up window of room 217, building 34
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