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The commercial Follow-me system offers both, students and employees, the opportunity to print, copy and scan documents at a reasonable fee.
In order to print, copy or scan, you may use the multi-function printers, that are located on various sites all over the campus.

If you want to use a multi-function devices for your specific needs a valid RHRK-Account is the prerequisite.

You can use your employee ID card or your student ID card to identify yourself as an authorized user. For this purpose link your employee or student ID card with your RHRK-Account by entering your login and password while the card is placed on the card reader of one of the devices.

If you have any questions about your RHRK account feel free to contact the Service Point or Hotline by submitting an e-mail with your specific question.


Instructions on how to use the print/copy and scan function can be found here.


Page formatFee per page
A4 black & white5 Cent
A4 color14 Cent
A3 black & white10 Cent
A3 color28 Cent
Scanning0,5 Cent



Top up Credit

Cost Centers

To be able to copy/print or scan to cost center, please contact the appropriate cost center manager. This person can grant you authorization via the Serviceportal.

The Serviceportal also provides further information on how to use the system.

Personal Credit

A rebooking machine (building 34, in front of room 257) is provided for topping up credits. With this machine you can transfer credits from your student ID card for copying, printing and scanning.

Instructions for using the rebooking machine (DE)

Link your chip card with your RHRK account

Linking your RHRK account with your employee/student ID (chip card) allows you to

  • log on to the multi-function devices with the chip card (without entering your account data on the device).
  • use the rebooking machine for students.

To link, place the chip card on a card reader of a multi-function device and enter your RHRK account name (without and your password.

Now your chip card is linked to your RHRK account and can be used for your identification at all card readers in the Follow-me system.

General notes

  • In the case of technical malfunctions of the multifunction devices, please contact the  hotline quoting the parking space number.
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