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What is Seafile?

Seafile is an open source cloud storage system. Next to integrated data syncing, the software focuses on user privacy protection and group work.

Collections of files are called libraries. Each library can be synced separately. A library can be encrypted with a user chosen password. The password is not stored to the server. This way not even the server admin can view a file’s content.

Seafile allows users to create groups with file syncing, wiki, and discussion to enable easy collaboration around documents within a group.

(from the Seafile handbook)

You can use Seafile through a website and/or install a Seafile client to your devices.


Who can use seafile.rlp.net?

As an employee at a Rhineland-Palatinate university you can use Seafile with you university account. 
As an external employee of a work group at a university in Rhineland-Palatinate, you can use your work group’s shared files via Seafile even if you do not have an account at the respective university.


How can I get access to seafile.rlp.net as a non-member at a Rhineland-Palatinate university?

As an employees you can invite guests, who don´t work or study at a University in Rhinland-Palatinate to share folders and files via Seafile. 


Should I use the seafile client?

If you only use Seafile occasionally to share files or provide storage space for uploading, using the website suffices.

Installing a Seafile client to your computer is recommended for the following:

• You regularly want to edit files from one or more folders on different devices and keep them synced locally on the devices.
• You want to use folders together with colleagues from a group. Changes to the contents should be available for all group members automatically and locally without having to down- and upload the files manually.


With whom can I share files?

Every regular user can share files worldwide via link.

Personal shares (through e-mail/log in) and use of shared folders and syncing is only possible between regular users and external users (employees of work groups) who were invited by an employee to use Seafile.


How much storage space does a user have on seafile.uni-mainz.de?

Employees (At a university in Rhineland-Palatinate) : 100 GB

Default (Students): 20 GB

Guests (external users): External users do not have their own storage space, but can use shared libraries of their work group.


How can I restore deleted files?

Link:Restoring deleted files


How can I restore an older version of a document?

Link: restoring an older version of a document


How can I revoke a share, make a link void or no longer share a file?

Link: control shares


How can I rename a library?

Open the library in your web interface. Click on settings:

The settings for the library will be displayed. Here you can change the name. Changes to the name are synced immediately.

Please note: Additonal settings for the library should only be changed with a valid reason - you will delete saved preliminary results of your data and will not be able to undo changes to the library or accidental deletion/overwriting.


Which technical limitations are there?

Large Files

The Seafile website allows uploads of up to 2GByte. The desktop client for Linux, Mac, and Windows allows uploads of larger files to the server, where they can be shared or synced to other computers.

Syncing large files to mobile devices is not recommended due to the limited storage space.

Files that Change Quickly

Seafile’s desktop clients only sync files that have not been altered for at least three seconds. Files that change faster, e.g., minutes or files with measured data, cannot be synced immediately.

Directories on Group Drives

Syncing directories on group drives takes much more time than syncing local drives due to the double transfer and logs used and is not recommended.

Profile Directories

Profile directories with a user’s entire settings are not suitable for syncing with Seafile due to the large number of locked and fast-changing files and directories.