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Managing Libraries, Folders and Files

The web interface allows you to manage a number of file tasks. Additionally you can view information (history, sharing) and create favorites for a faster navigation.


Creating a Library

Libraries are at the top level; therefore, they can only be created on the front page. Click the Logo in the top left corner and then My Libraries - if it is not displayed automatically. Last click New Library at the right.

Name the new library. After submitting it is displayed in your list.



You can encrypt a library and its content. The key (password) will NOT be stored on the server. If you lose the password, your data cannot be restored.

Further information about encryption can be found here:



Creating Directories

Directories can be created in libraries or other directories. Open the library or directory you want to place your new directory in. Click on New Directory in your menu bar. After submitting the name in the following window, your directory is displayed in the list.

You cannot encrypt a single directory, only libraries.


Renaming, Moving and Copying (context menu)

When you move your cursor over the name of a library or folder, additional buttons appear offering actions for the corresponding file or folder. You can download the file or folder and share it; clicking the trash can will move the file into the trash or delete it.

The buttons only appear when you move the cursor over the respective line. (Additional information can be found under Sharing).

The last symbol of the menu (small black triangle) opens a context menu by clicking on it. Here you can rename, move or copy files and folders as well as view their history (history of this version of the file). Depending on the file the context menu may offer additional options.


Copying (files and folders)

If you select Copy for files or folders, a new window opens. In the drop-down menu you can select the library, and if applicable the directory, into which you want to copy your file (1). By clicking Submit (2) a copy is created in the selected directory. After copying, two versions of the file exist, one in the original directory and the other one in the selected directory.


Renaming (files and folders)

If you select Rename for files or folders, the window for renaming appears. Here you simply enter a new name (1) and click Submit (2); if the name already exists in the same folder, an addition is made to the name (e.g. photos2).


Moving (files and folders)

If you select Move for files or folders, a new window opens. In the drop-down menu you can select the library, and if applicable the directory, to which you want to move your file (1). By clicking Submit (2) the file is moved to the selected place. No copy is created.

A task (rename, move or copy) completed sucessfully will be confirmed with a message.

The confirmation message appears in the upper right corner of the screen.


The history lists all changes made to the respective library (or folder/file) and who made the changes.

You can restore older versions of a file from the modification history as well as reset entire libraries to a previous version.



Files that you use regularly can be marked as favorites (starred) for a quicker access and can be displayed (independently from the directory or library they are in) under Starred in the navigation bar on the left side.

To star a folder/file, click on the star in front of the file name. If it is filled in, the file is listed under Starred.