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Login with your university access authorization

You can generally use Seafile with any current browser. If you are using Internet explorer, please make sure the compatibility mode (sometimes required by company networks, for example) is switched off.

You can sign in here:


Click on Log In. You are then either signed in directly (single-sign-on) or redirected to the regular Log-in page of your university.

2. Non-Member of a Rhinland-Palatinate university

Your are a guest at a Rhineland-Palatinate university, you want to share files with your team via seafile? Employees of a Rhineland-Palatinate university can invite guest user and share folders and files via Seafile.

You can sign in here: https://seafile.rlp.net

External users, who received an invitation to Seafile, can log in with the data provided in the invitation by clicking on the "Guests" button to the right.

Please use the bottom fields to log in.