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Web Interface Overview


The interface you see when you log in to Seafile for the first time is divided into several parts:

You can reach the main page anytime via the logo in the upper left corner.

The round button at the upper right corner opens the menu where you can view and change your profile settings. The menu also contains the link to log out of Seafile. Besides the round button you can find your notifications.
(2) On the left you can find the navigation bar. It contains a link at the top (personal) to access your libraries (with all contained folders and files).
(3) Under Tools you can find files you marked as your favorites and acitivities, which data has been deleted or renamed, amongst other things.
(4) Under Share Admin you can find your personal libraries, folders, files or links that you made available to other users. If you shared files with other users or groups this also lets you control who can access which files, libraries or folders. You can also revoke any shares.


After the login you can find a library - Mine - in the center of the interface.

In Seafile a library is a folder with the same rules for all its content. Everything contained within a library is synced and can be updated from a number of devices (computer, tablets etc.). It is also possible to share an entire library, including all folders, sub-folders and files with other users (or user groups), using it as a shared workspace. It is also possible to only share specific folders or files. However, these need to be in a library and cannot be placed individually on the Seafile storage space.

In the beginning you only have one library - Mine. Click on it to open the library.