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Account feedback campaign

The RHRK conducts an annual check of all RHRK accounts to ensure the correctness of all available data and to extend expiring accounts if necessary.

The campaign is aimed at professors, managing directors, department heads and persons with a power of attorney to approve accounts.

Up to now, feedback has been provided by means of a paper list that has been sent to all TUK organisational units. This year we are conducting the campaign electronically for the second time.

The Instructions as well as the account administration is only available in german.

1. Log-in

Go to and log in with your RHRK account name.

2. Select account overview

Select the item "Account overview" in the menu that appears.

3. Edit official position

If something should have changed in the status of employees, please adjust the corresponding entries by clicking on the button "Change offical position".

4. Change time limits

For the account limits you have the choice between two options:

  1.  Deadline: A fixed date on which the time limit for the account expires. This is usually the expected end of the employment / cooperation. The deadline can either be extended directly by one year or set to a specific date via "Edit manually".
  2. Contract: If the person has an employment or civil service relationship with the TUK (no institutes, no scholarships, etc.), you can limit the account to the contract. The account limitation then adapts to the end of the contract period. This also happens fully automatically in the event of future changes to the contract term. If "üngültig" appears in the change, we do not have an employment contract and the account must be limited to a fixed date.

Switching between the types of limitation is always done via the "Edit manually" button.

6. Add comments and complete feedback

You have the possibility to send us further information for feedback. Please enter this information in the field at the end of the list.

Important! Afterwards you have to confirm the verification of all accounts and service positions.

7. Await confirmation

When the green field appears, the confirmation has been successfully completed.

You can log out of the account management via the menu item "Logout".

8. Online portal remains open

The account portal now remains permanently open. You can make account and deadline changes throughout the year via the portal.

New accounts for employees and partners can also be requested via the portal.


If you still have questions about feedback or if something is not working right, you can reach us at any time by e-mail at accounts(at)

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