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Your news in the TUK circular mail

The RHRK news system allows you to write, manage and submit your own articles for publication in the TUK circular mail. These can be contributions for the daily collective circular mail or news that will be sent as a separate individual circular mail (TUK Info) to all circular mail subscribers at TUK.

Learn how in the following step-by-step instructions.

Log in to the news system

You need an RHRK account so that your contribution to the TUK circular mail can be recorded in the RHRK news system.

You can access the News system via the following URL:

Log in with your RHRK account name and the corresponding password and confirm your entries with the “Einloggen” (Log in) button.
In "RHRK account" enter only the account name (e.g. "MaxMustermann"), without "".

Your user area "Nutzerbereich"

Switch to the “Nutzerbereich” (user area) to write an article or manage previously saved news items. You will find the link in the header of the page.

You will now see the overview page of your user area. Here you always have an overall view of the news items you have created and the status of your requests for publication.

Writing news

To create a news item, select the "Neue Nachricht erstellen" (Create new news item) button in the top left corner of your user area.

The "Nachricht schreiben" (Write a news) page will be displayed.

Here you enter your news text and other properties of your news item:

  • Titel der Nachricht(title of the news): the title will be displayed in the collective circular mail as well as on the page of the articles.
  • Abstract: Here you can enter a short, explanatory text that provides information about the content of your news. This text will be displayed on the web page with the content of your news item directly under the title in highlighted font (bold).
  • Inhalt (content): Enter the text of your news here. Formatting elements, e.g. HTML, are not supported. Please note that formatting will be removed.
  • Tags: The tags you can assign to your news item serve as orientation for readers and provide information about the content of your news. On the start page of the News system, they can also be used to search for articles of certain categories.
  • The tags "Rundmail" and "TUK Info" are also used to control how the news item is sent:
    • Rundmail (Circular mail): Your news will be summarized in a collective circular mail with other articles and sent university-wide at a fixed time 1x daily.
    • TUK Info: Your news will be sent as a single circular mail at the requested time (date/time).

By clicking the button "Nachricht speichern" (Save news item) your news will be saved in your personal user area (but not yet published!).

Your news

When you save a news item or open it from the overview page of your user area, you will be taken to the page for managing this news item.

On the left side your article will be displayed once again in summary.

The buttons below the news text provide you with several ways to proceed:

  • "Nachricht duplizieren" (duplicate news item) creates a copy of the displayed news item and takes you to the input form for editing the duplicated news item.
  • "Nachricht bearbeiten" (edit news item) takes you to the input form for the displayed news item.
  • "Nachricht löschen" (delete news item) deletes the displayed news item.

Requesting the publication of your news

For your article to be published, it must be approved by TUK Corporate Communications (

To request publication, open the news item you wish to publish:

  • If you just saved your news item, it will already be open and the news item management page will already be displayed.
  • If you saved the news at an earlier time, you will find it on the overview page of your "Nutzerbereich" (user area) in the list of "gespeicherte Nachrichten" (saved news). Clicking on the desired news item will display the page for managing your news item.

On the right side you see the input fields for a publication request for your news:

  • Kategorie (Category): the request will be assigned to the selected category.
  • Notiz (Note): The note will be displayed to the editor when responding to the request.
  • Datum der Veröffentlichung (Date of publication): Date on which the news item is to be published.
  • Uhrzeit der Veröffentlichung (Time of publication): The time on the day the news item is to be published. In the case of collective circular mails, this is a fixed time that applies to all contributions for the collective circular email. Individual circulars appear at the set time.

After filling out the form fields, you can use the "Anfrage zur Nachricht erstellen" (Create message request) button to request the publication of your article. The publication or sending of the circular mail is possible at the earliest after confirmation of the request by the Corporate Communications editorial team.

Status of your request

You can track the processing status of your request on the overview page of the Nutzerbereich (user area).

The following states are distinguished:

  • Offene Anfragen (Open requests): the request for publication has already been made but not yet accepted.
  • Gespeichert (Saved): The news item has been saved, but no request for publication has been made yet.
  • Akzeptiert (Accepted): The request for publication has been made and approved by Corporate Communications.
  • Abgelehnt (Rejected): The request for publication has been made but rejected by Corporate Communications.

Depending on the status of your request, your message will "move" from category to category.

Any further questions?

Please contact the hotline with your request by e-mail.

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