Regional University Computing Center

Policies for domain name assignment

Within the Domain .de (assigned by DE-NIC) the domain for the University of Kaiserslautern is managed by the RHRK (Dept. Networks and Communication Services).

The following allocation guidelines apply to the next domain level below (

For yyy it can be:

  • a subject area designation (for example
  • the name of a central facility (e.g. or service facility (e.g.,
  • the name of an An-institute (e.g.
  • Group representations of university groups
  • the name of a cross-departmental cooperation community
  • other names are not allowed.

In case of doubt new designations require the approval of the responsible Vice President.

Below this domain level, there are only names for end users (computers), but no further subdivisions.

With an establishment of English-language domains, The scheme, the department names etc. are translated and registered in English.

Domains outside can be managed by our Domain Name Service to a limited extent at the user's request. The domain registration takes place by the RHRK.

The layout of the websites must meet the requirements of the corporate identity (CI), which means, that every website must be recognized as a TUK belonging website by its graphic design.

The domain "" is assigned the IP address spaces (IPv4) and 2001: 638: 208 :: / 48 (IPv6) as well as 2a03: 63c0 :: / 32 (IPv6). Only participants from these address spaces are allowed to access internal information on the TU's web server.

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