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Information structure

The website is for external presentation. Therefore please be sure to edit the upper pages in a way that especially first-time visitors feel addressed. The web design conventions help you to plan the page structure and menu navigation so that your users can quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

While categorizing the information on one page, always keep the needs of web visitors in mind. On the upper pages information should be more general whereas more hidden pages should contain more detailed information.

Clarify the page layout on the home page with a visual hierarchy, "which things belong together, which things are part of something else".


Photos show what defines the TU. They complement a text, transmit emotions and establish a connection to the reader, all this is not possible with pure text.


Preferably use photos that:

  • natural and light, if possible with natural lighting,
  • are dynamic and not static,
  • not posed,
  • provide "quick-to-understand" picture statements,
  • content to fit the topic of further text information.

Writing for the Web

A user needs more time to read a text on the screen than the corresponding print version. Therefore, we would like to point out a few points that you should consider when writing for the Web.

Visitors do not read texts, they first scan the web pages, therefore well-structured text is important. Do not expect the user to read all your texts. Make it easier for the user to scan through:

  • paragraphs
  • Headings, subheadings
  • bullet points

Write in Active (The facility xy organizes the annual conference), not in the passive (The annual conference is organized by the facility xy).

Refrain using unnecessary filler words e.g. but, well, now, etc., which only inflate a sentence unnecessarily.

The most important information should be at the top of the page. Refer links for more information. When you insert a link, you link the word (s) yourself and do not write "click here".

Expectations of web design are constantly changing. Those where a few recommendations, but the most important is consistency: if you choosed a spelling style or a way of representing, stick to it and apply it to all your web pages.

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