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Configuration for Apple iOS

1. Installation and Configuration

Initially please install the free of charge Cisco AnyConnect VPN-Client App from the Apple Store (requires iOS Version 4.1 or later versions).

Apple App Store: Cisco AnyConnect


During installation, the VPN-Client must be permitted to expand the iOS VPN-functionality. Please select "OK" for this.

Open the fresh installed Connect App. Add a new VPN-Connection to it. You must only enter the server address and save it.

After that, establish the VPN-Connection by sliding the switch. The request for entering your user name and password will appear. User name is your RHRK-user name, followed by

With establishing your first VPN-Connection, an in detail configured profile is established with the server. The earlier created manual connection will therefore not be needed and must be erased (unfortunately this process cannot be automated at this time). Therefore please end the just established VPN-Connection and change the settings of this profile by pushing the arrow next to the name of the connection. Manually delete the manually created connection as shown below. The uploaded profile on the server with the name “TU Kaiserslautern” will remain.

2. Establishing the VPN-Connection

In order to establish the VPN-Connection, the AnyConnect App must be called up. There please make sure that the connection profile "TU Kaiserslautern" is selected. After switch on "AnyConnect VPN".

The user name is your RHRK-user name, followed by After the first successful connection your user name remains pre-filled. Your RHRK-Password must however be entered new each time.

An existing VPN-Connection can be recognized by the "VPN"-Symbol in der in the status line right beside the time display.

3. Ending the connection



To end the VPN-Connection, opentypo3/the AnyConnect App and turn the switch "AnyConnect VPN" off.


  • Please also install future updates of the VPN-Client as soon as these are available at the App Store.

  • Please note that an existing VPN-Connection may reduce your battery charge noticeably.
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