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VPN – installation and configuration for MS Windsows

Please check and see, if Cisco AnyConnect is already installed. If it is, go to step #2.

Step #1: Download and install Cisco AnyConnect

The required VPN software package can be procured by downloading it from our server. Note, that it is available for current MS Windows versions only.

In order to initiate the installation you will have to download one of the following files:

AnyConnect Client Installer (X86, for normal computers)

AnyConnect-Client Installer (ARM64)

You have to sign in with your RHRK user name (skipping the part) and your password.

After the download you will have to execute the file called "anyconnect-win-4.x.x-....msi". This will will start the installer. Klick on „Next“ and accept the end-user licence agreement.

By pressing the "Install"-button you will be asked for your administrator password and the install process will start. As soon as it is done a "FINISH"-button will appear, meaning that the installation can be completed by clicking it.

Step #2: Configuration

Start Cisco AnyConnect: Start menu > Cisco > Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

A pop up window will appear and you have to insert the following:
(After this initial installation of the TUK profiles, next time you will just have to select "TU Kaiserslautern" here.)

You have to log in with your RHRK user name including and your password, so the profiles of the TU Kaiserslautern can be downloaded.

Now, the connection is being established as shown on the screenshot.

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