Regional University Computing Center

Overleaf Community Edition (CE)

Formerly ShareLaTeX

Overleaf Community Edition (still familiar to many as "ShareLaTeX") is an open-source, collaborative online LaTeX editor.
It has a complete, pre-built LaTeX environment running on RHRK's servers.

Work together on a single version. Overleaf CE provides the same LaTeX environment wherever you and your colleagues are.  

Almost all features of LaTeX, such as inserting images, bibliographies, equations are supported.

To use ShareLaTeX/ Overleaf CE on the RHRK servers, registration for the Overleaf Community Edition is required. To do so, select the "Register" button and identify yourself with your rhrk account to create your Overleaf CE account.

This service is provided by RHRK without support or availability guarantee.

What is required to use ShareLaTeX/ Overleaf CE?

  • Internet connection
  • End device (PC, laptop etc.)
  • RHRK account
  • Account on Overleaf Community Edition
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