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Working with foreign language only

In exceptional cases it could be possible to make a website available only in a language, which isn’t German. For that, you can disable the German default pages in your page structure.

Please keep in mind, that all disabled pages aren‘t accessible by the main
navigation or any search engine.


There has to be at least one german landingpage, which redirects to the foreign language.


  1. Create German page tree and translate it to the preferred foreign language
  2. Disable the German default pages in the following way (A German landing page must remain)
  3. Page properties/Behaviour/Language/Localization/Hide default translation of page
  4. Create German landing page, that redirects to foreign language
  5. Check Localization overview, if there are any pages left enabled
  6. Module: Info, Page tree: Choose landing page
  7. Select „Localization Overview“ in the Drop-Down-Menu in the top left corner
  8. Select enough levels, so your complete page tree is visible
  9. All disabled pages should appear with a red background and only the created German landing page should have a green background colour. Also the pages of the chosen foreign language should appear with a green background
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