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Wireguard-Installation on mac os x

This article describes the installation of Wireguard on Mac OS X.

Step 1: create VPN configuration

Go to and log in with your RHRK account (without @

You will now get to the profile overview.

In the drop-down menu on the left, choose whether you want to create a profile for a split tunnel or a full tunnel. For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of the selection, see Available tunnel types. Enter a suitable name for the profile in the field below and then click on create.

A popup for downloading the configuration opens.

Please click here on Download Config and note the location where the profile was saved (Important! Treat the downloaded profile like a password and never pass it on!)

Step 2: Install vpn client

Go to and click Download from App Store in the section macOS.

You will be redirected to the AppStore where you can download WireGuard. The latest version is automatically available there. Click the green Install button.

If necessary, sign in with your Apple ID.

Then click on Open.

Step 3: Import the configuration

The configuration file that has just been downloaded can now be imported. To do this, click on Import tunnel from file in the opened Wireguard Client.

Select the previously downloaded file and click Import. The file should be saved in the Downloads folder.

A popup appears with the message WireGuard would like to add VPN configurations. Confirm this message by clicking on Allow.

Step 4: start VPN

The profile that has just been created is now displayed in the client. To start the tunnel, select the profile and click Activate.

You can see the status of your connection both in the client (status active) and via the shortcut for Wireguard.

Note: You can use this shortcut to start and end the connection quickly and easily. The connection is started with a click on the profile name and terminated with another click. If the profile name is black, there is a connection. If the profile name is gray, there is no connection.

Step 5: stop VPN

You have 2 options to end the VPN tunnel:

  • In the WireGuard Client, click Deactivate.
  • Click on the WireGuard shortcut and then on the active profile (black font).

The VPN connection is now terminated.

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