Regional University Computing Center

Campus WLAN

A WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) of the TUK allows a wireless connection between  computers and can be used to establish an Internet Connection on the TUK campus.

There are two SSIDs (network names) available to be used:

  • TU-KL_guest: can be used to gain general Information
  • eduroam: Internet access for students and staff

Note: The eduroam configuration is only valid for students and employees of the TUK, eduroam users of other institutions please follow the instructions of the home institution.

The TU Kaiserslautern is a member of the eduroam-project, meaning that all members of participating Institutions of the eduroam project may access the TUK wlan.

On these pages you will find detailded instructions for setting up a network connection as well as an FAQ.

Members of the TUK may request a special wlan account for visitors/guests of the TUK.
If an additional access Point needs to be installed it can be requested.


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