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New access point for the Campus WLAN

Before the application

Before choosing an access point, please inform yourself about the WLAN variants offered and the different costs and guarantees involved and then fill out the web form below. All cost centers are eligible to apply.

RHRK bears the costs

The WLAN infrastructure is uniformly operated by RHRK.A distinction is made between generally used areas and areas with a limited user group (see table).

  1. In the future, generally used areas are to be completely supplied with WLAN (eduroam). The focus will be on heavily frequented areas. The RHRK will finance the expansion of general areas.
  2. Areas with a limited user group, which are mainly used by a few people, will only be supplied with WLAN or existing WLAN-APs will be replaced if the users request this and the expansion or replacement is financed. The costs will be charged to the applicant after the WLAN-AP has been provided.
common areasAreas with limited user group
For example
  • Lecture halls and seminar rooms (which can be booked freely via the KIS)
  • Foyers
  • Libraries (focus: workplaces)
  • Terminal pools with more than 19 seats
  • Office rooms or office corridors
  • Labs
  • Conference rooms
  • Seminar rooms that are not freely bookable
CostsThe RHRK finances the expansion of general areas.The costs will be charged to the applicant after the WLAN-AP is provided.
WLAN varianteduroameduroam or Pre-Shared-Key (PSK)   

Suitability of the end devices

There are WLAN-enabled end devices that do not support 802.1x ("WPA Enterprise") (e.g. projectors, televisions, media boxes, Google Glass...) If such devices are to be used via WLAN, only the "PSK" variant is suitable.

Comparison of the WLAN access variants

                              eduroam                                       Pre-Shared-Key (PSK)                  
Authentication802.1x, users authenticate with
your RHRK account
PSK; users must submit a one-time
Specify "key". Important: Please read
see the safety instructions below.
Potential usersStaff, students, guests (of other institutes)Small group of employees
NetworkDevices are part of the eduroam network of the TUAccess to the respective local network
WLAN standards802.11  a/g/n/ac802.11 a/g/n; (802.11ac)
depending on model
SSIDeduroamIndividual for each AP:
usually: name of the institution + number
RoamingYes - everywhere where eduroam is availableNo
Electricity supplyVia the network using Power
over Ethernet (PoE)
A separate power supply unit is supplied;
Schuko socket nearby is required
InstallationInstallation by the RHRK, if necessary including laying of a cable; An attempt will be made to find a suitable location.Connection to Ethernet by the applicant (also behind a desktop switch); The
Device is delivered by internal mail
RelocationOrder of the RHRK required (further costs)Can be "replugged" by users themselves.
Guarantee by RHRK
5 Years2 Years
Price per AP580,- €Depending on model between 70,- € and 150,- €

Safety instructions for applicants of variant PSC

PSK stands for pre-shared key, i.e. a key is defined which must be passed on to all users who want to and are allowed to use the WLAN. This key consists of any character string of up to 63 characters. This key is used to gain access to the respective WLAN. The key only has to be entered once on a device when it is connected to the WLAN for the first time. Afterwards, the key can be stored on the device, so that every further connection process can happen automatically and everyone who has access to the device can also use the WLAN. The applicant is therefore responsible for ensuring that the key is only passed on to trustworthy persons or only installed on devices to which only trustworthy persons have access.

The PSK is renewed by RHRK at regular intervals. Currently, intervals of 12 months are planned, but RHRK reserves the right to change this. The named contact person will be informed of this change at least one month in advance. In exceptional cases, the PSK can be changed at short notice at the request of the applicant, e.g. if the key has been accidentally made known. In general, RHRK reserves the right to temporarily block the network access (port) without consultation in case of misuse.

Access Points of the PSK variant

Unifi UAP

  • 2 antennas
  • only 2,4 Ghz (802.11n)
  • theoretical maximum data rate: 300 Mbit/s
  • Price: 70€

 Unifi AC Lite

  • 2 antennas
  • 2,4 Ghz and 5 Ghz (802.11ac)
  • theoretical maximum data rate: 867  Mbit/s
  • Price: 90€

 Unifi AC Pro

  • 3 antennas
  • 2,4 Ghz and 5 Ghz (802.11ac)
  • theoretical maximum data rate: 1300  Mbit/s
  • Price: 150€

Guarantee by RHRK

The RHRK guarantees that a WLAN-AP can be used for at least 5 years ("eduroam") or at least 2 years ("PSK"). If a device has a defect (not caused by the user) during this period, the WLAN-AP will be replaced by an equivalent AP by RHRK. The same applies if the WLAN-AP cannot be operated during this period for technical reasons. After the 5 or 2 years have expired, however, it is possible that a WLAN-AP cannot be operated any longer, e.g. because no security patches are available, in which case the device must be taken out of operation. Most likely, however, the WLAN-APs can be operated much longer than the guaranteed time.

Important NOTE! Due to the current situation, there are long delivery times for AccessPoints. Our stock is currently exhausted, which is why applications cannot be processed promptly at the moment.

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Mit Stern(*) gekennzeichnete Felder sind Pflichtfelder

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