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Eduroam on Android


Important: The eduroam campus WLAN can only be used with Android version 4.3 or later.
Note Android 11: If your Samsung device does not work after updating to Android 11 or later, please use this guide.

The "eduroamCAT" app is used to install the eduroam profile on Android. This can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore, AmazonAppStore, fdroid or directly from the eduroamCAT website and should then remain installed on the device, otherwise the eduroam profile will be lost. (IMPORTANT: if you have already configured eduroam before, first delete the profile/network from your system)

(If you prefer to install without an app, please use the instructions for manual installation).

Start the app. The "Configurations in the environment" will be displayed to you. If TU Kaiserslautern does not appear here, activate the manual search at the bottom of the app. Search for "Kaiserslautern" and then select the configuration for TU Kaiserslautern.

You will be presented with a "Configuration File Summary". Now click Install and confirm with Yes.

If you have previously configured eduroam, you will be notified that this configuration will be removed first.

You will now be asked to enter your access data. Enter your RHRK username (including and the corresponding password for your RHRK account. If the profile was installed correctly, your device will now connect to eduroam and you will see an overview page with the correct settings.

You can now close the app.

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