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Configuration on Android

Important: The campus WiFi can only be used with Android version 1.6 or later.

Load the following root CA certificate onto your Android device and install it (please use Android's own browser for this). The open network "TU-KL_guest" or any other internet connection can be used for this.

Note: As of Android 4.4, certificates are stored in different certificate stores. During installation, "WiFi" must be selected as the installation memory.

Go to "Settings | Network & Internet". Make sure the WiFi adapter is enabled!

Go to "WLAN settings" and look for the network "eduroam".

If a selection window opens, click on "Forgot network" (The window appears if you have already tried to connect to the network).

Select PEAP as EAP method and MS-CHAPv2 as phase 2 authentication. "Use system certificates" must be selected for CA certificate. In the "Anonymous Identity" field, enter (not!). Enter your RHRK username followed by "" in "Identity" and your RHRK password under "Password".


Due to an error in the Android operating system, it is necessary for all WLAN profiles with 802.1x configuration to use a CA certificate! Otherwise, when changing from a profile without a CA certificate to a profile with a CA certificate (e.g. eduroam), the certificate will not be checked. As a result, the eduroam identities and passwords can be queried without the knowledge of the user. The same danger also exists if the CA certificate is not entered as described above. More detailed information can be found here:

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