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Eduroam on Apple iOS


IMPORTANT: If you have previously configured eduroam with a profile, proceed as follows:

  1. Please delete the old profile under Settings -> General -> Profiles
  2. Under Settings -> WLAN, click on the i symbol behind eduroam and select "Ignore this network" in the following dialog.
  3. It is now important to restart the iPhone/iPad and only install the profile as described below after the restart.

To install eduroam on iOS, please download the appropriate profile from (it is best to use the Safari browser for this).

Click on the download button and download the profile. You will get a message that a configuration profile is being loaded, please click on "Allow". A message appears that the profile has been loaded.

You should now get to the profile overview. (If you do not get to the profile overview directly, please navigate via "Settings -> General -> Profile")

Please click on eduroam here and in the following window on the top right on "Install" to install the profile.

Next, you will be informed that a new certificate will be installed. Please click on Install at the top right and then click on Install again at the bottom.

When saving the certificate you will be asked for the device password, please enter the relevant password here (NOT the RHRK password).

Finally, the message appears that the profile is now installed. You can now use eduroam.

You can now connect to the WiFi-Network eduroam. Please use your RHRK-Username (including as your username and your RHRK-Password as your password.


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