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Eduroam on MacOS


The necessary steps for installing eduroam under Apple MacOS are explained below.

In order to install eduroam under MacOS, you need the appropriate installation profile for your operating system. Please download this from

Note: Guests must select the installation profile of the home institution (if available, otherwise follow the instructions of the home institution) and enter the username and password of the home institution!

You will find a file with the extension "mobileconfig" in your download folder. Run this now.

Then confirm the message with "Continue".

In the next window, the installation still has to be approved by the system user and the system password (NOT your RHRK user and password).

The WLAN profile is now installed and you can connect to eduroam. Please use your RHRK-Username (including as your username and your RHRK-Password as your password.

In newer MacOS versions, another query may appear when connecting. Enter the password for your keychain here and confirm with Always allow.

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