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Microsoft Exchange

General information about using Exchange

  • The use of Exchange is only available for TU Kaiserslautern employees and is free of charge. A valid RHRK account is required.
  • The mailbox has a quota of 5GB. If the quota exceeds a certain value, Exchange will send an e-mail with the information that the quota is almost used up. If the mailbox continues to fill up, no further e-mails can be sent or received.
  • The mailboxes are backed up several times a day, a restore is possible up to 30 days back. In addition, as a user, you can restore items that you have accidentally deleted yourself; here too, a 30-day period applies.

The following mail clients are currently supported:

- Microsoft Outlook for Windows from version 2010
- Microsoft Outlook for Mac from version 2011
- Apple Mail on Mac OS X version 10.8 or later
- iOS for iPhone and iPad from version 8
- Windows Phone from version 8

- Access via browser using Outlook Web App at

- No general support can be guaranteed for Android. For security reasons it is recommended to use at     least version 4.x.

  • The maximum size of attachments is 50 MB. If the attachment is an archive (such as ZIP or RAR), it is possible that less can be sent due to technical reasons.
  • It is recommended to limit the maximum number of recipients in an e-mail to 100. Some e-mail providers do not accept e-mails with a large number of recipients. For large distribution lists or for distribution lists with external mail recipients, we recommend using RHRK's Sympa List server.
  • When an employee leaves the TU Kaiserslautern, the RHRK account goes through an automated deletion process. On the day the RHRK account is deleted, the Exchange mailbox is also irrevocably deleted. Therefore, make sure to back up any data you still need. Please observe the regulations on data protection and consult your supervisor if you have any questions.
  • Functional accounts are recommended for group calendars or contact lists. For this purpose, an RHRK account has to be applied for, just like for an employee, whereby "Functional Account for Exchange" has to be added manually on the application form.

Migration of a mailbox to Exchange

The migration of existing mailboxes including the transfer of existing data to a new Exchange mailbox (mails, contacts, calendar) is usually carried out by RHRK free of charge. The migration can be carried out by a local IT administrator or with the support of RHRK. Should a migration be particularly complex and/or time-consuming, or should many mailboxes be migrated in a short period of time, costs will be incurred within the scope of a rent-to- trainee support. If the mailbox is located in Outlook or Thunderbird, the migration can usually be carried out easily. Other mail clients may require more effort, which may result in costs.

If you want to use Exchange directly after applying for a new RHRK account, you have to perform a migration at the moment, since the Exchange mailbox cannot be created automatically with an RHRK account due to technical reasons. It is also recommended to migrate the RHRK mail address automatically generated when creating the RHRK account to Exchange as well, so that you only have to set up and maintain one mail account. Questions and requests for setting up an Exchange account should be directed to hotline(at)

There is only one mail address in Exchange that can be used for sending, but additional aliases can be set up for receiving. (Example: is the primary address for sending and receiving, while can be used as another address for receiving only).

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