Regional University Computing Center

Virtual Machines

A service of RHRK is the operation of virtual machines under VMware ESX / vSphere. This service is only available to employees of the TU. You will receive an "empty" VM, which you install yourself. The operator of the VM is responsible for the correct licensing of the operating system and application software.


As of 1.1.2019 the following prices for VMs apply:

  •     2.90 EUR per vCPU and month (maximum 4 vCPUs)
  •     0.35 EUR per GB vRAM and month (max. 48 GB)
  •     2.50 EUR per 100 GB vDisk and month (max. 300 GB)
  •     More than 300 GB vDisk can be booked via paid block storage.
  •     Chargeable VMs are operated in a high-performance area of the ESX environment with controlled overbooking.
  •     Free VMs with 1vCPU, 4 GB RAM and 60 GB vDisk are operated in a standard area of the ESX environment. There is no guaranteed performance for VMs here.
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