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RHRK Account

The RHRK account provides access to a variety of services at the TU Kaiserslautern. Every employee and every student has their own account.

How do I get an RHRK account?


After your matriculation we have already prepared an account for you. You just have to activate it. Activate account


If you have not yet received an initial password, contact the supervisor of your distance learning course. Continue to account activation.

No RHRK Account yet? Pick up a temporary one at the RHRK Service Point

Located:                 Building 34, Room 250

Telephone:             0631/205-3812

Opening hours:      Monday to Friday 09:30 - 10:30
                             Monday to Thursday 13:00 - 15:00

E-Mail:                   servicepoint[at]

As offical representative you can apply for an own account for your university group.

How to get an University Group - Account

Turn up personally to one of the contact persons listed below and bring along the following:

  • The letter from the university management, which identifies the group as an offical group of the TU Kaiserslautern.
  • Photo Identification

You will recieve your account directly.

Florian Höpel
Room 34/218.1
Phone: 0631/205 5437

Thorsten Giese
Room 34/206
Phone: 0631/205 2164

Thorsten Michels
Room 34/214
Phone: 0631/205 2443



Since we are in home office at the moment and can neither accept applications nor send password letters: Please use our new online form for new employee accounts:

1. a member of the chair or the department registers at Go to the section "Account applications".
Click on the green button "+ New Account". Enter the personal data of the new employee and finish with "Request Account".
A TAN will be displayed. You will send this TAN to the new employee in a secure way (no unencrypted mail).
2. The head of the chair / department (or a member of staff explicitly authorised representative) registers on the same website.
Here, also in the "Account applications" section, you will see the application for approval. Complete the details (position, terminability) and approve the account.
3. The new employee can log on to the same website with his TAN and is shown the status of the procedure. If the account has been created, the account name and password are also displayed here.
Attention: Account name and password are only displayed once, so please note them down immediately!

The RHRK account offers you access to a variety of services at the TU Kaiserslautern.

To give an employee the power of attorney to approve the account application, please fill out the power of attorney and send it to us.

Download application
Authorization to submit account applications (52 KB)

To give an employee the power of attorney to approve the account application, please fill out the power of attorney and send it to us. Download


Read the emails sent to your RHRK account! There you will receive important information about your account (such as suspension).

Password management

  • Please note our password guidline
  • Note: Enter your account name to the "RHRK Username" field (not you matriculation number).

Change your password here


It may take 10 or more seconds for your password to change successfully. Please wait until you see a final confirmation message. Do not forget to change your password afterwards in all applications in which you have saved it, e.g. in your local e-mail software, in your wifi settings (eduroam) etc. In case of problems please contact our hotline Tel: +49 631 205 3170 | E-Mail: hotline(at)


No problem. Show up at the ServicePoint with an photo and student ID, we will reset your password.

  • A personal appearance at the RHRK Service Point is required.
  • A password reset via telephone  is unfortunaly not possible.
  • A password reset via e-mail is unfortunaly not possible.

You are a diatance learner?

In this case please contact your academic advisor. He will apply for a new passoword. Please note, that this will take some time.

You are a student at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern (HS KL)?

Many studentfs from the University of Applied Science have –  in addition to their home account of HS KL  (formerly FH KL) – an RHRK account. This account is independent accounts from two diffrent institutions.


Please verify which account it is:

  • If you have forgotten the password of your RHRK account, please visit our service point as described above.
  • If you have forgotten the password of your HS KL account, you are wrong here! In that case you can find all the information at Homepage HS Kaiserslautern.


After your de-registration your account will be deactivated after a period of 2 weeks and deleted 1 month later. Please backup files and emails in time. A later restoration of the data is not possible.

Do you stay at the TU Kaiserslautern as an employee and want to keep your account? Please apply for an RHRK account for employees (see above) and provide your account name. You will not need the TAN that is generated.

The RHRK account is required for the following services:

Password change

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