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RDP connection through the gateway server using Linux application Remmina

Without having to connect via VPN, you can set up a remote desktop (RDP) connection from your Linux client to RHRK servers through the gateway server can be used to establish a connection to the following servers:

Configuration of Remmina to establish an RDP connection

Under "Remote Desktop Preference" select a Name you want to use to save the configuration file.

In the Basic tab, fill in the Server, for instance At Username put in your RHRK username without and then your RHRK password.

Advanced Settings (Gateway server configuration)

Select the tab "Advanced".

You need to insert the following information:
• Remote Desktop Gateway server:
• Remote Desktop Gateway username: Your  RHRK accountname followed by
• Remote Desktop Gateway password: Your RHRK password

Important notice: If you want Remmina to save your passwords, Remmina must be protected by a master password. You may find it under Preferences -> Security -> Use a master password.

Save and Connect

Now you are ready to complete the configuration. Select "Save and Connect" to save your settings and establish an RDP connection through the gateway server.
Configuration is saved with the name you chose and can be used for future connections.

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